March 31, 2011

Yes I Can

Yes I Can

Can you do this? that ?
No ?
Feel like you're not good enough ?
Like you're not ready ?
Like you don't have it in you ?

In dealing with Challenges in different aspects of your life regarding
1. Your skills / talents
2. Your Social skills / Leadership skills
3. You taking a risk in making your dreams come true
4. You overcoming Rude/Impolite/Annoying people
5. In everything you do in life

Accept the Challenges !
Don't be Weak !!!
Stop whining and finding excuses to get out of it
Try !!!
Keep Trying
and Triumph
Yes you can
Say it ........ " Yes I Can "


1. Your skills / talents

So you got a difficult challenge at school or at work ?
Don't say no right away
Try your best first
Explore your talents
The more difficult the challenge equals more learning opportunities
See it as an opportunity to be better !!


2. Your Social skills / Leadership skills

So you don't have any Leadership skills ?
People don't seem to respect you & take you seriously ?
You can't speak in public ?
You don't know how to mingle ? don't know what to say ? how to small talk ?
You have low self esteem ?
You can't explain your ideas ?
You lack confidence ?
bla bla bla bla bla bla
Even when you think you're inadequate and incompetent
Don't run away from it, don't find excuses to get out of it
Accept the challenge
Why afraid ?
Fight your fear
Don't worry about what other people think about you, they're too busy thinking what other people think about them.
Just be the best that you can be.
Jump right in, it's the only way you're going to learn
Learn by doing, learn while you're "in" there
In time, you'll grow / improve


3. You taking a risk in making your dreams come true

You're taking a risk ?
Starting your own business ?
Quitting your dayjob and wanting to be a succesful entrepreneur ?
Worry much ?
What about the risk ? the uncertainty ?
Afraid of Failing ?
What if ? what if ? what it ?
It's normal to be scared and you should weigh in all the risks.
Use your head and Plan well.
Explore all possibilities, Strategize.
Decide what's best for you
then when you've made that decision, that big step,'
You start with confidence and a believe that You will succeed, that You Can.
Don't fear the unknown,
Don't worry about what other people think about you, they're too busy thinking what other people think about them.
Don't make up the worst possible scenario in your head
Don't let the worry and the made up situation in your head that don't really happen scares you
and even if you're faced with obstacles along the way, find your way through it.
A lot of successful people struggled and have to accept rejections in the beginning, but they keep trying and they win :)
If you fail, use your next opportunity to do better ! use your second chance !
Don't worry so much,
Be smart,
Decide thoroughly what you think is best for you
Have a lot of ideas n Do your best.

Do what you really wanna do
Do what your heart has been telling you to do
Yes you can
Believe in yourself, Be Confident
and Move Forward


But Be smart and know your limitations
- if you're an artist/designer and you're asked to do 50 million sketches in 1 hour
and If you're human, You probably won't be able to finish it in time
- if a business proposal seems "Fishy" and too good to be true
You probably should think a million times before taking it.
Don't be too naive, Be Smart !
- if you suddenly want to be a neurosurgeon without any medical training
Well, You can't

Crazy examples, I know, but you get the point, know your limitations,
Your Real Limitations, not the ones you made up out of fear.
Don't lose the battle before it even begins


4. You overcoming Rude/Impolite/Annoying people

Oh wait,
What about dealing with unreasonable people ? rude impolite people ?
You say :
"I just can't take it anymore
Their annoying behaviour are driving me insane
They make me mad and I can't pretend to smile and be nice to them
They're making my life miserable"

They could be an irritating family member, or guests/visitors/customers at work
What can you do ?
You can't get out of it, You have to face them because they're there everyday
So you face em,
You RESPECT them,
Forgive, Let go and you Move on
Try !
Yes You can !
They're there for a reason, and you can't let their negativity bring you down
It's tiring being angry all the time !
and If they still tick you off & you can't control that, you always have next time to improve
It's your second chance, always see it as your second chance
Always be better on the next opportunity !!
and You'll see, in time they won't bother you as much anymore
and You'll end up being happier :)


5. In Everything you do in life

Say "Yes I Can"
Fight Laziness ? -- Yes I Can
Keep my Promises ? -- Yes I Can
Eat Healthy and Exercise ? -- Yes I Can
Be Happy ? -- Yes I Can
Yes You can, if you really want to :)

and you know what ?
If you and others say 'You can't' , but you have a God that says 'You can', who do you trust ?