March 31, 2011

How to Live New Life Now ?

You have to want it
You have to want to change your life for the better
and You start :)
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Step 1.
Gotta have the "Fire" within you


Step 2.
Fight Laziness


Step. 3
With laziness out of the way,
You set out what you want to accomplish


Step 4.
Keep your promises
Promises to yourself, to other (parents, etc) and to God
This time, you keep your promises !!
No more excuses


Step 5.
Yes I Can !!!


Step 6.
You need balance

Work hard, Play hard
Laugh a lot
Rest enough
Eat well
Be Happy :)

Step 7.
If you keep working hard to achieve your dreams,
then you will eventually accomplish your goals and dreams
Step into the light
It's not about Fame and Showing off
It's about encouraging others
Don't be Shy, Be confident but stay modest/humble and true to yourself.
Step Out and Inspire Others !!

Step 8.
Lastly but definitely not least
Do everything as if your "B-o-s-s" is here now
Be aware of what you're doing and Do good


Don't Feel superior,
Respect Others because everyone is equal
Don't judge,
Don't complain
Have a Pure heart
Be Grateful & Be Happy

In the end, everything else doesn't matter
All that matter is Love

There you go !!
your New Life begins Right Now

Start by doing what you can with what you've got
Everything counts
Accomplish !
Be what you're destined to be
Use whatever talents you've got
It's within you
Make your parents proud
Be someone that makes a difference
Make each second count
No Regrets
Live your Life as if it was your last day on earth
and Enjoy the journey :)