March 31, 2011


Treat everyone equally
Treat them with Respect

If people are rude / impolite / just plain annoying
Respect them still
Don't Judge,
Don't feel superior,
Don't complain
Don't talk badly about them
Have a Pure heart
Be kind

and Don't Pretend to be kind,
being Fake is tiring.
Just be genuinely nice
You know how you don't understand how some people are so nice & friendly & patient no matter what ?
Well, You won't get physically & mentally drained and filled with anger,
if you have good intentions
if you forgive quickly
if you let go and move on
Smile sincerely from your heart
The positive energy is abundant, you'll never run out of it.

and If you constantly have to deal with people that are rude / impolite / just plain annoying
maybe an annoying brother/sister, a nosy parent,
or If you're working in a restaurant / hotel and you need to deal with unreasonable customers,
and you think you just can't take it anymore,
Don't let their behaviour annoy you and ruin your whole day.
Never let anyone affects you in a negative way
Don't get carried away in anger, especially repressed anger !!
It's going to make your life miserable
Don't hold a grudge
Just remember to try to still treat them with "RESPECT"
Everyone has a story, you don't know everything.
and Hey, you yourself have offended people, made them angry, maybe slightly rude/impolite ?
maybe you don't even realize it, you're not a saint, you know :)
So, when dealing with unreasonable people, realize that you too are not perfect and Face them politely,
Stay calm, Try to Forgive, Let go and Move on
It usually doesn't happen instantly
and if you keep on bumping into people that tick you off,
Use each time to learn how to handle it better
every next chance you got, See it as another opportunity, your second chance.
You're in "training"
In time, You'll see that you'll become happier
Those things won't bother you anymore

- Pure heart
- Kind
- Grateful
- Calm
- Helpful
- Humble
- Patient
- Let them be
- Forgive
- Let go
- Move on

In the end, everything else don't matter
anger, hatred, rage, frustration, etc, they all don't matter
All that matter is Love

Be Grateful & Be Happy

In short,
Don't let rude impolite annoying people's negativity ruin your day / your life
Don't waste your time being angry, Don't hold a grudge
If they still irritate you
Use your next encounters with them to practice "RESPECT"
See it as another opportunity for yourself to improve
and you will improve